Brix and Stix Real Estate believes that every house has another life whether that's a gentle makeover, gut rehab, new addition or tear down. Regardless of the extent of the renovation, our mission is to bring the house back to life for new owner(s) to create years of memories. We acquire, and renovate, each property through the use of private investor money and we leverage our business by creating partnerships with investor colleagues.
We ethically and confidentially work with homeowners, regardless of their situation, and provide a cash offer for the purchase of their home. Whether behind on mortgage payments, home is underwater, an estate sale, divorce, relocation or just wanting to move, we provide fair and reasonable solutions based on the individuality and uniqueness of each situation. We are cash buyers and we close quickly. ​

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We are always looking for our next home to renovate. Provide us with an address or contact information and if we purchase the home, we’ll reward you with $500 after we close the sale!

If you’re looking for your next home and would like a renovated property, we can find and professionally rehab the home to your specifications.

We purchase, and rehab, our homes with private money and create customized secure terms, based on our stakeholder’s needs, If you’re looking to enhance an IRA, college fund or simply create supplemental income, consider investing with us on short term real estate acquisitions. 

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    Would like to sell your house quickly for cash                      without doing any updates or repairs.... 
  Have an address of a home we may be                        interested in purchasing....
 Would like to maximize your IRA/401k, college              fund or just make extra money
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